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const me = {
   name: 'Ammar Jussa',
   age: 26,
   role: 'Software Engineer',
   github: 'https://github.com/ammarjussa',
   langs: ['JavaScript', 'Python', 'C++']

if (me.langs.includes('JavaScript')) {
   console.log('I am Awesome!');

About Me

I am a Full Stack Web and Mobile Application Developer with a keen interest in Blockchain technology. I have around two years of professional experience in Software Engineering; building reliable, performant, and scalable applications.

I frequently work with JavaScript technologies like React.js, Next.js, Node.js, Express.js, React Native, etc. I am also fond of programming languages like TypeScript, Python, C++, and Rust.

I have been diving deep into blockchain development and so far done multiple projects involving smart contract programming in Solidity, Hardhat, Truffle, Web3.js, Ethers.js, etc. I am extremely willing to expand my knowledge and take up new challenges in this field.

I believe in being able to solve problems both independently and as part of a team because I enjoy working as a team player. As well as being eager to learn new things, I also like taking on new challenges that would enhance my personal growth.


University Name: Lahore University of Management Sciences

Place: Lahore, Pakistan

Degree: BS Computer Science

Date: 2016-2020

Relevant Courses: Advanced ProgrammingNetwork SecuritySoftware EngineeringData Structures & Algorithms

University Name: Kingston University London

Place: London, United Kingdom

Degree: MS Software Engineering

Date: 2022-2023

Relevant Courses: Software Architecture and Programming ModelsAgile Project DevelopmentSoftware Quality EngineeringBusiness in Practice

My Skills

Frontend Development

Frontend Development

HTMLCSSBootstrapJavaScriptTypeScriptReact.jsNext.jsStyled ComponentsTailwind-cssFirebase
Backend Development

Backend Development

Node.jsExpress.jsMongoDBRest APIsGraphQLFaunaDB
Web 3.0 Development

Web 3.0 Development

Other Languages & Tools

Other Languages & Tools


View My Work

TeFi App

A Decentralized Portfolio Tracker and Chat Platform on Terra Blockchain

A user-friendly portfolio tracker built on the Terra blockchain. Easily monitor your crypto holdings, send Luna tokens securely to different addresses, and stay up-to-date with real-time Luna supply information. Experience the added benefit of Club, a decentralized chat page where you can send anonymous messages, fostering private and censorship-resistant interactions with the community

Raaz App

Secure Bitcoin Wallet and Decentralized Chatting Platform

Raaz App is a cutting-edge application that seamlessly integrates a secure Bitcoin wallet with a revolutionary decentralized chatting feature. With the ability to create a personal wallet and chat rooms, users can engage in private conversations protected by robust cryptographic protocols and conduct peer-to-peer transactions without any intermediaries

Secure Flow

A Blockchain-Based Supply Chain Management Solution

Secure Flow is a cutting-edge supply chain management application leveraging blockchain technology. It is designed to enhance transparency, efficiency, and security within the supply chain industry. The project aims to modernize the flow of goods, reduce operational complexities, and mitigate risks associated with traditional supply chain processes, ultimately revolutionizing the way goods are managed and tracked.

Food Bubble

Streamlining Dietary Planning and Recipe Management

FoodBubble is a user-friendly application designed to simplify dietary planning and recipe management. It empowers users to effortlessly create personalized dietary plans, access an extensive recipe library, and efficiently store and manage their favorite recipes. The following is just the designs of the application

Portfolio App

A portfolio App containing my personal details, education, skills and projects

An app where you can explore my professional background, education, and skills. Discover a collection of my projects and get in touch easily using the provided contact information. This platform serves as an avenue to showcase my achievements and expertise across various domains.

Tefi Agora

Empowering Decentralized Discussions on Terra Blockchain

A decentralized forum that operates on the secure foundation of the Terra blockchain. The users can create discussions (or threads), as well as contribute their thoughts and opinions in other discussions, all stored immutably and transparently on the Terra chain

Banking Application

A simple banking system

A banking application developed as part of a software architecture course for a masters degree. The application aimed to provide a convenient and secure platform for users to manage their banking needs, such as checking account balances, transferring funds, and paying bills.